'Nuku Consultants

Nuku refers to transformation, change and progress, which derives from my own model of practice Papatūānuku; influenced by my mother, who is the epitome of transformation and alas Papatūānuku.

The top koru represents Ranginui and all the male elements of being, and the bottom koru represents all of the female elements of being. They also represent my grandparents, parents, and the generations thereafter.

PAPA: Foundation, discovering old and creating new layers

TŪ: To rise above & stand tall with mana

Ā: Progress and continuum phase

NUKU: Transformation

‘Nuku Consultants’ offers our people and community with an opportunity  to explore mātauranga māori as a pathway to preventing and healing family violence and child abuse and developing māori leadership within whānau to reach their full potential. 

#Nuku Mai #NukuAtu



Our Kaupapa

Tikanga Ririki

Kaupapa Māori Education program for individuals and whānau to explore and learn mātauranga māori and traditional māori parenting practices that encourage and promote violence free homes

Māori Leadership development

Kaupapa Māori Leadership development/cultural competency and tailored education, workshops for individuals, whānau/hapū, organisations